Australia is synonymous with BBQs and the great outdoors. That’s because we know the truth: there’s nothing better than an outdoor barbie.

If you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen where the BBQ can take a prime position, here are our tips and tricks for designing and executing, so you can live large in your own backyard.


When it comes to planning an outdoor kitchen you might want to consider four major zones.


Whether you’re cracking an ice-cold can, or reclining with a page-turner, your relaxation zone is where you’ll want privacy, a small table for snacks or a drink and somewhere to lounge. Instead of foldable plastic lounge chairs, opt for the most comfortable seating you can afford, with deep cushions that beckon you to come to lay on them.

Meanwhile consider using privacy screens, like a lattice fence or hedging to frame a calm, secluded zone that feels more holiday than every day. Oh, and make sure that the outdoor fridge lined with those cans for cracking, is within easy reach. Our BeefEater outdoor fridges is designed for the hot Aussie climate, keeping your drinks perfectly chilled, even on a scorcher.


If you like to cook alfresco (and let’s be serious, who doesn’t) a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is your mecca. Apart from the convenience and practicality, it gives that big cook energy.

An outdoor kitchen needs to be located on a level area and the flooring must be slip-resistant and durable. Ceramic tiles, bricks, pressed concrete and pavers are all stylish, water-resistant options. Meanwhile, materials around the cooking zone, such as behind the barbecue, need to be heatproof.

When choosing appliances look for quality equipment that’s built to last. You can browse our BBQ, rangehood and outdoor fridges here and build your dream outdoor kitchen. Once you’ve got the basics sorted, consider personalised touches like a pizza oven or herb garden to up your outdoor culinary game.


Where you eat, drink and be merry. Think of it as an outdoor lounge and dining room. You’ll need seating for family and guests as well as places to congregate in. You can even throw in a terrace outdoor TV or firepit set on gravel for congregating in winter if that’s your thing.

A pergola or gazebo can create an all-weather outdoor room, while pavers or decking can also designate an entertaining zone. If you go for this option, a rangehood will be your friend, designed to minimise grease and smoke when grilling alfresco. Our BeefEater rangehoods feature powerful twin motors for intense extraction at 3 different fan speeds, remote control for convenience and easy-to-clean stainless steel baffle filters.


The home for your eyesores like the lawn mower and tools. Eliminate backyard clutter by having a space for things to be put away, whether that’s in tubs or a freestanding.


Now with the best laid plans, it’s time to build your outdoor kitchen. Before you build, these are the key things to consider.


In some cases when building an outdoor kitchen you will need council approval. It is your responsibility to make sure the set up of your outdoor kitchen complies with local Council regulations, including gas regulations in your state/territory.


While BeefEater products are designed to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, it is recommended to install your outdoor kitchen with some aspect of cover to protect the longevity of your outdoor kitchen and its contents.


If going for the whizz bang built-in version of an outdoor kitchen, complete with hot/cold sinks, lighting, cool fridge zones and a natural gas BBQ, you’ll need to think about access to utilities like gas, electricity and water. A builder and/or plumber can help with installation.


Whether you choose to completely DIY, or hire a builder, will depend on your handyperson skills. You can buy flat-packed and pre-drilled outdoor kitchens for your specific requirements. Otherwise, you’ll need to select and order any elements if building-in. Think benchtops, cabinetry and storage. Either way, cost up your DIY project or request a quote from a builder to turn your plans into reality.

Need support with installing or repairing your BeefEater? Check out our installation manuals, or contact our dedicated BeefEater Customer Care team available seven days a week by phone or email to book a fixed-rate service or repair.


DO consider what the purpose of your space will be: for relaxing, cooking, entertaining, working
DO ensure the materials around the cooking zone are heatproof
DO consider personalised touches like a pizza oven or herb garden
DO install your outdoor kitchen with aspects of cover to protect it from the elements
DO check out our installation manuals and ask advice from tradies where needed
DON’T leave clutter around the backyard to have more space
DON’T start on your outdoor project without council approval and a plan of utility access in mind
DON’T leave your BBQ exposed to the elements, do have a cover
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